Red Samba

Red Samba variety is grown in natural greenish paddy fields in Sri Lanka. The rice is naturally red in colour with unique small size grains. This Samba variety has a natural red bran which results in more fiber, more protein less fat than regular white rice. Red Samba rice has low glycemic index (GI), that prevents a rapid increase of sugar in your blood after a meal - low GI foods are recommended as a healthy options for diabetic diets. Since rice is parboiled and only slightly polished (for better texture) it contains more vitamins and minerals than regular rice. Red pigments in bran makes rice rich in antioxidants than white rice. Gluten free Red Samba rice has a natural distinct flavor, increases your palatability and keeps your digestive system healthy.

Keeri samba

This tiny white rice variety (of “Kali Jira” family) is grown in natural paddy fields in Sri Lanka using traditional agriculture. Keeri Samba Rice has smaller grains with a distinct flavor of its own. This will increase your palatability over regular long grain white or brown rice. Since rice is minimally steamed, Keeri Samba rice contains more vitamins and minerals absorbed from the rice bran. Similarly, this rice variety has more proteins, iron and fiber and less fat than regular long grain white rice varieties. This non-sticky, Gluten-free Keeri Samba rice, cooks with an aroma and adds flavor to your plate.

Red Basmati

Grown only in the lush paddy fields of Sri Lanka, the red basmati is the King of all basmati. The red basmati is unlike the white and brown varieties. It has unique nutritional value and taste. The nut-like flavor and perfumy fragrance is attributed to the fact that this grain has been aged to decrease the moisture content. The presence of rice bran makes it a uniquely nutritious grain; the red pigment present in the bran is rich in protein, fat , minerals , vitamin B and dietary fiber. In addition, it has the lowest levels of Glycemic Index, meaning steady levels of energy are released at a more balanced rate making it the perfect choice for diabetic diets. We mill our rice to perfection, rejecting all broken grains that would otherwise release starch. The unique texture and a vibrant red color when cooked proves why our red basmati stands apart from the rest